> "the shapes we make" lyrics
(almost done)

hello! there is a twitter page now and the updates are going to be there (temporarily?) from now on.

feel free to follow and/or say hi!

Wow, it's been a while since my last update (!). 

Mary was guest DJ on Dissonance.

Her playlist:
Aquarium - Good People
Blood Feathers - Sweet Little Lullaby |
Ex Models - Girlfriend Is Worse |
Concentrick - Sacred Texts |
The Stranglers - No More Heroes |
Silver Apples - Seagreen Seranades |
Smog - Ex-Con |
Vel - I Just Got Dissed by Eminem |
Wire - Outdoor Miner |
Casual Dots - Clocks |
Family Fodder - Der Leiermann |
B.J. Snowden - In Canada |
Lilliput - unknown |
Oneida - Lavender |
Parts and Labor - Nowheres Nigh |
Soft Power - Isabella |
Autoclave - Dr. Seuss |
Helium - Superball |

you can download the podcast

Come on Feel the Power: Mary Timony's Soft Power (small article from Express Night Out)

> Road Warriors: Soft Power from IndiePit.com

> NewBeats Interview: Soft Power

> 2009-08-01 @ Cake Shop, New Yok, NY pictures:

> 2009-08-02 @ TT The Bears, Cambridge, MA pictures:

> 2009-10-31 @ @ American University, Washington, DC (Halloween Show) pictures:

2007-06-13 @ Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA pictures.

> Soft Power 2009-07-31 @ Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA videos
> Soft Power 2009-07-01 @ Cake Shop, New Yok, NY audio*! (single 104MB file. 45'32. Let me know if the link expires so I can re-upload) *thank you, Nat (:

> Mary has a new band (okay, it's Pow Wow with a different name*, but still, PW is fairly new ;)! It's called Soft Power and on their myspace page you can listen to "Isabella" & "La la la".

Also, a concert @ Comet Ping Pong, Washington, DC is listed. (Jun, 19)

* Mary post on her official page on Jun, 3:
"Due to the existence of a number of other bands named Pow Wow, exclamation points and acapella vocals aside, Pow Wow has officially now become Soft Power. 

Soft Power is the new band... and the members are: Jonah Takagi, Winston Yu, T.J. Lipple and Mary Timony.

our first show is at Comet Ping Pong in DC on Friday, June 19th. we are also playing this summer...


7/23 - Fort Reno, DC
8/1 Cake Shop, NYC
8/2 TT the Bears, Cambridge MA

we will have a few tracks up on myspace soon. I will post it here... "


> Pow Wow/Soft Power page updated with tour dates (lyrics soon, hopefully).


> 2007-05-25 @ Club DeVille, Austin, TX DVD available on zombtracker.
DVD menu (click picture below):

(registration and a BT client needed in order to access the files). special thanks to Barry, Rebecca and Mark for taping/editing/sharing.
& thanks to user defeated for uploading!

> Pow Wow 2009-01-10 @ Black Cat, Washington, DC
audio*! The vocals are a little low, but it gives us an idea of how the band sounds. enjoy! (a single 46MB file. 34'10) *thank you, J. M. (:

> Pow Wow 2009-01-10 @ Black Cat, Washington, DC
pictures by Francis Chung.

> DCist Interview: Mary Timony of Pow Wow (credits: Eleana from PP)
> Pow Wow 2009-01-10 @ Black Cat, Washington, DC

* Someone went to this show and briefly described the new songs. :)


from mt.com: "Mary is in a new band called POW WOW. The first POW WOW show is happening in DC at Comet Ping Pong this Sunday, Dec. 21st. Also playing is The Felt Letters. Doors are at 8:30. POW WOW at 9:00. Felt Letters at 10:00. Be there or be square."

Mary Timony - guitars and vocals
Jonah Takagi - guitar
Winston Yu - keyboard
Darren Zentek - drums*

Black Cat has another concert scheduled for Jan, 10th! :))

happy holidays!


> The Spells - Bats Vs Bird!
Four previously unreleased songs avaliable at Carrie Brownstein's page @ NPR. Plus, an "interview" with Mary about their creative process and her memories of that time (2000). Simply awesome.
The songs will only be available until Dec, 3rd, though; so hurry up!

ps:If you want to help me out with the lyrics, feel free! ;) I'll try to post something soon.

> 2008-08-14 in the grass @ Heliogabal, Barcelona, Spain
pictures one, two

> 2008-08-17 summer's fawn @ Festigabal, Barcelona, Spain
> 2008-08-17 in the grass @ Festa Major, Barcelona, Spain

> Barcelona shows videos!
2008-08-14 @ Heliogabal 51'39 and 2008-08-17 @ Festigabal 36'47

Thanks Julian S. for the heads up!
setlists soon :)

> 1995-05-17 @ The Point - Atlanta, GA DVD available on dimeadozen.org.

(registration and a BT client needed in order to access the files).
thanks to user thermalcupid for uploading!

screencaps posted by the uploader:
01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06.

enjoy! :}

> 2000-05-19 @ I-Spy, Seattle, WA DVD available on dimeadozen.org.

(registration and a BT client needed in order to access the files).
thanks to user thermalcupid for uploading!

screencaps posted by the uploader:
01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06.

enjoy! :}

> From Mary's myspace blog:
16 jun 2008, 00:00

Going to Spain
Current Mood: aventureiro

Vamos a Espana! estoy muy feliz!
gunna play some shows in and around barcelona. I feel lucky and excited.
ive been there a few times, but never to play music, so this should be interesting.
going to start trying to brush up on my Spanish 101 skillz.
Chad molter and joe wong will be rocking with me.

> 2008 live page added

(thank you for stopping by!)

> 2008-04-01 interview (nogoodforme.com).
> 2007-12-30 @ Marquis Theater, Denver, CO pictures:

> 2007-10-01 Mary in Atlanta, GA one and two
> 2007-08-24 @ Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (more) pictures.
> 2007-06-02 @ Someday Lounge, Portland, OR webstream and pictures (setlist scan included!)
> 2003-12-19 concert review "faith, unknown pleasures, and one imaginary girl" (from epinions.com).

> You Tube page added (!)

ps: all 2007 posts were archived.

> 2007-10-17 @ Blender Theater, Gramercy, NY
Superball video! (just click on the image below)

This whole account is amazing, by the way. Thanks NYdrone for posting!

I'll be right back! :)

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